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Short portrait of bsj

bsj e.V. Marburg is a non-profit youth organisation that works with the physical aspects and potentials of life styles. Body, movement, physical expression and aesthetic approaches are the core of our social work programs. Outdoor Adventure Education and experiential learning activities are central aspects of our working agenda. Founded in 1986 bsj co-operates with the Department of Physical Education of the Philipps-University Marburg. The main target groups in our leisure, school and vocational training programs are social disadvantaged adolescents and children.

The bsj is working in social deprived areas, with institution of residential care, schools, projects of social work with youth at risk, in integration projects of handicapped and not handicapped young people. We intend to be an innovative and learning organisation. Today bsj Marburg with its round about 80 employees is represented in various working areas and is an officially approved out-of-school youth education institution in the County of Hesse.

Moreover, bsj is organizing regional and cross regional conferences, offers a wide range of further education for professionals and we are consulting social institutions and communities in developing their social and youth work. Since 1996 bsj is member of the European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE-Network). The bsj also edited a lot of publications (in German and English language) about the different aspects of a social work with the media of body and movement.

As a youth support organisation bsj has been responsible for several communal, regional and cross regional pilot projects, funded by different Federal Ministries and ministries of the Federal State of Hesse and the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Since 1993 bsj runs the outdoor centre ZERUM in Ueckermuende which is specialised in using outdoor adventure education for the integration of handicapped girls and boys. In Hesse, we run three other outdoor centers, which are specialised in offering projects to institutions of early education, schools and others to innovate daily school procedures as well as learning approaches and to support the non-formal and informal learning and educational process of all participants of our programs.